Where are we now?

Since its origin in 1992, and after a pause between then and 2012, Callender Press has moved from old style hardcopy printing and physical storage (ohh!) to the new technology of computer files and print-on-demand – the acclaimed ‘revolution in publishing’ that we (well most of us – there are still a few dinosaurs around) are living through – , and by now we are proud proud to have published over 300 titles in nineteen different series – and growing. We have focused on first, family related works, principally my mother Agnes’Finnegan’s Reaching for the fruit , a moving account of growing up in Ulster and of her amazingly courageous, intimate and perceptive visit to incipiently Nazi Germany in 1929, nnd of my father Tom Finnegan’s eminently brave 1937 War at any price? for which, among other things, he and my mother were eventually to be permanently driven out of their homes in Northern Ireland. Then we moved on to other works by or related to the family both fiction (with the Little Angel series (like The heavenly rocker, now also available in an audio version, then other, longer, works such as Pearl of the Seas with illustrations by Racel Backshall recalling my childhood memories of Andrew Lang’s marvellous fairy tale books and their black and white images.

By now it is proud to specialize in making available, sometimes for the first time in a century or more or at any rate in new, sometimes specially prepared editions, classic works from the past, grouped into several series. They treat of many subjects both fiction and non-fiction and come from many parts of the world and from all eras. Many had been been long neglected and we are proud to make them again available in attractive and accessible formats for general, not just specialist, readers.

The theme that links them is the high quality, of their writing, their ideals, and international and community commitment

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