Catherine of Newtown Cunningham

We do not know her second name, we have no image, but it was the loving Catherine who, is described (or, perhaps, imagined with intuition and insight) at the start of  Reaching for the Fruit. She must have been a gentle and inspired woman, doubtless from a modest farming background, and then little more than a girl herself, for shewas the first that we know of to start the fair lineage that became the Callender-Campbell family. It was into this family that were born the women who inspired the press in their name – Callender.

William Campbell, their progenitor, was a member of the Society of United Irishmen in the great 1798 rebellion against the English. Defeated and in fear of his life, he fled to the new world, leaving Catherine with his unborn son – one destined to grow up in the enchanted magical countryside  of Donegal and inspire a legacy of peace and reconciliation forhis ensuing descendants.


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