Lucy Farrar Campbell

Lucy Farrar Campbell, my grandmother


Lucy Farrar of Halifax, daughter of a well-off Yorkshire woollen-cloth manufacturer, a sweet and beautiful girl, married David Callender Campbell of Derry. She was my beloved granny.

She had a hard life. Her husband was left by his missionary brothers to run the family corn-importing business (an artist and natural-history enthusiast he hated business). It failed, and they were bankrupt. From then they lived largely, I gathered, on the produce of their small but beautifully tended garden.

They struggled on to support their young family with some help from their richer Farrar relatives (my mother recalls her excitement when the parcels of expensive outgrown clothes arrived from time to time – a winter coat, brass buttons!!). But then her father, my grandfather whom I never knew, was desperately injured in a street ‘accident’ with the terrorising ‘Black and Tan’ local  militia. Though he survived for several years he was never the same.

Lucy, my granny, was a dear and gentle lady whom I still recall with love from the regular, magical, visits with my mother to her house and garden in upper Derry.

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